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Vail Resorts Global Privacy and Cookie Policy


Policy updated October 15, 2018


Vail Resorts Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides a variety of resort services around the world  (together, “Vail Resorts”). We value you as a guest and know that you care how information about you is collected and used. This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) informs you about what information we collect and how we use it.  This Policy is part of the Terms of Use published on our Sites.  Click here to review the Terms of Use.

The Policy applies to the Personal Information we collect when you visit any Vail Resorts website or use an online or mobile application, such as Epic Mix® or Emma™, where the Policy is referenced (our “Sites”). The Policy also applies to the Personal Information we collect when you visit any of our resorts, retail locations, rental locations, lodging or other service providers worldwide (our “Locations”).  


When we use the term “Personal Information” we mean information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as the individual’s full name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment information, Epic Pass ID numbers or identities, profile photographs and location information.  When other information (such as consumer preferences or demographic information) is directly associated with Personal Information, we treat this other information as Personal Information.


Personal Information We Collect

When visiting our Sites, interacting with us (e.g., over the phone, by email) or providing information at any of our Locations, we collect the following types of Personal Information:

  • identification data (e.g., first name, last name, postal address, phone number, email address);


  • payment details or methods and transaction information (e.g., when you purchase lift tickets or book accommodation online);


  • location data (e.g., the location where you stay or ski, location data sent by your device);


  • connection data (e.g., IP address, connection speed, type of browser used and information communicated by your browser, mobile network information, data automatically communicated by your device);


  • device information (e.g. device type, screen size, operating system);


  • data regarding your use of our Sites (e.g., viewing information, pages viewed, keystroke activity, time spent on pages, scroll activity, click/touch information, and mouse movements);


  • information relating to your preferences and activities (e.g., vertical distance by day); and


  • demographic information (e.g. household information, number of children, age ranges, gender)


Please note that such data may either be directly collected from you (e.g., when you fill out a form at one of our Locations or on one of our Sites) or indirectly from you. In this latter case, the following sources enable us to obtain the Personal Information:


  • when another natural person submits information about you (e.g., if someone orders a gift, gift card, or gift certificate online and wants to send it directly to you, he/she must provide us with your name and address);


  • when your electronic communications devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, automatically submit information;


  • when technology implemented at our Locations provides us with information (e.g., when your ski pass is scanned at a chairlift);


  • when we are provided information from other business partners who are authorized to share it with us; and


  • when such information is available from public sources.


In addition to the above, we may combine information you have provided to us on our Sites with information you have provided to us offline, including information you have provided to us at one of our Locations, and we may store this information together in your customer profile.  For example, we may combine data automatically collected when you use your season ski pass or rent equipment at one of our Locations, or data you provide to us when you stay at one of our hotels resorts, with your customer profile.  This enables us to provide the best experience possible when you visit our Locations.


How We Use Your Personal Information


We use your Personal Information for the following purposes, all of which relate to the relationship between you and us, and the services we provide:


  • to provide you or the person of your choice with the services and/or products you requested (e.g., passes, reservations, services offered by the Epic Mix application such as the summary of your ski day), to perform transactions, in particular to check your identity or the identity of the person you designated, as well as for billing and shipping purposes; and


  • to provide you and/or the person you designated with after-sale support in case you encounter any difficulties following your transaction with us.


We also may process your Personal Information for the purposes listed below, which are necessary for us to pursue our legitimate interest and provide you with quality services and products:


  • for security and fraud prevention purposes as well as for protecting our rights, pursuing available remedies and enforcing our Terms of Use;


  • to administer our systems, debug, and improve the performance and accessibility of our Sites;


  • to monitor and optimize the use of our facilities (e.g., when you scan your pass and ride one of our chairlifts, we use such information for monitoring the use of our chairlifts); and


  • to improve our Sites, Locations and, more generally, our products, services and programs.


In addition, with your consent, we may also process your Personal Information:


  • to provide you with marketing communications, recommendations and special offers regarding our products and services, as well as products and services of third parties which might be of interest to you, and to give you the opportunity to enroll in our loyalty program; and


  • to combine your data and implement profiling activities in order to better understand your needs, expectations and preferences and provide you with personalized content and targeted advertising accordingly.


Please refer to the Your Choices and Rights section below for information regarding how you can manage your options and exercise your rights with respect to your data.

Cookies and Technology; Third-Party Advertisers

We use technology such as “cookies” to help us provide customized services and as a means to collect dependable and consistent traffic data.  A “cookie” is a small piece of data that is sent to a user’s browser from a web server and stored on a user’s hard drive. 


These cookies, along with other technologies, such as web beacons, may also be used by Vail Resorts corporate partners and on co-branded websites to help us understand how you use our products and Sites and better provide advertising to you.

In addition, we may use third-party advertising companies to customize the advertisements you see on our Sites, on other websites, or on your mobile or other devices.  These companies may use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies to collect information about your use of our Sites and other websites and applications, including in particular your IP address, web browser, mobile network information, pages viewed, time spent on pages or in applications, and links clicked.  We may use this information to analyze data, determine the popularity of certain content, deliver advertising and content targeted to your interests, and better understand your online activity.


Our service providers are bound by contract to keep your Personal Information confidential and use it only to perform services on our behalf.  For more information about online behavioral advertising, or to learn about your choices related to such practices, please visit or


You can modify your cookies preferences and choose to refuse cookies. However, if you decide to block all cookies, you may not have full access to all functionalities and pages of our Sites.


Please note that most browsers allow you to manage your cookies preferences by changing your settings. You may set your browser to: (i) automatically accept or refuse all cookies; (ii) automatically accept or refuse first party cookies and/or third parties cookies; (iii) notify you before any cookies are placed, so that you get the opportunity to decide whether you are willing to accept it or not.


Consequently, if you accept cookies in the first place but later change your mind and want to opt out, you may use your browser settings for deleting cookies already placed on your electronic devices and/or change your browser settings to refuse any further cookies or particular further cookies.


In addition, you may wish to visit, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers, or, which enables you to manage the advertisement cookies placed on your devices.


Vail Resorts participates in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op to better understand how you use our Sites across the various devices you use, and to deliver tailored promotions to our guests. Go to www. to learn more about how Adobe does this and to manage your choices relating to this linking of devices.


Some of Vail Resorts’ websites use Mouseflow, a third-party analytics tool, to track page content and viewing information, pages viewed, keystroke activity, time spent on pages, scroll activity, click/touch information, and mouse movements. You can opt-out at

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Vail Resorts does not sell your Personal Information to outside marketers or advertisers.  Under limited circumstances we may disclose the Personal Information we collect to third parties for all or part of the above-mentioned purposes.  Those circumstances are described below, along with some of the steps we take to limit the manner in which your Personal Information is used. 

Service Providers
We may share your information with companies that provide support services to us (such as credit card processors, mailing houses, web hosts, or providers of online reservation services) or that help us market our products and services (such as email or text messaging vendors).  These companies may need information about you in order to perform their functions.  These companies are only authorized to use the Personal Information we share with them for the purpose of delivering the service we hire them to provide.  In addition, we only disclose the information they need to provide the specific service or function.  


Ski Pass Partners

Vail Resorts sometimes enters into contractual relationships with other resorts that we do not own.  We enter those relationships so that our customers can access skiing or other resort services at those resorts.  To facilitate those services we may share information about you with the other resort company so that they can provide the service and validate your ski pass and identity.  We share that information pursuant to written contracts with the partner resorts and limit the information to what is needed for the specific purpose.

With Other Vail Resorts Subsidiaries 
We provide a variety of business services to our subsidiaries around the world.  As a result and in order to provide you with services and operate our business, Personal Information we collect may be shared, consistent with this policy, with subsidiaries of Vail Resorts, including current or future parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and entities sharing common ownership with Vail Resorts.  All of the Vail Resorts entities are bound to this Privacy Policy.

Partner Promotions
We may occasionally feature web pages on which you can register for special promotions or services provided in conjunction with our business partners.  When we feature pages like these on our Sites, we will give you a clear notice that you are providing information to another party.  We may also arrange to send you marketing and promotional information of other companies that we think might be of interest to you, only if you tell us that you want to receive these sorts of materials.  

In Connection with Corporate Events
In the event of a merger, reorganization, acquisition, joint venture, assignment, spin-off, transfer, or sale or disposition of all or any portion of our business, including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings, we may transfer any and all Personal Information to the relevant third party. Your Personal Information would remain subject to this Policy. 

In Special Circumstances
In certain special cases, we may disclose your Personal Information when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify or contact you, or to provide you with emergency medical services, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to you, Vail Resorts or someone else. We may disclose your Personal Information to a person who is seeking the information as your agent.  We may disclose your Personal Information when we believe the law requires it, in response to any demand by law enforcement authorities in connection with a criminal investigation, in response to civil or administrative authorities in connection with a pending civil case, governmental authorities or administrative investigation, or in connection with an investigation conducted by Vail Resorts.

Links to Third-Party Websites

Our Sites contain direct links to sites offered by third parties (e.g. our strategic alliance partners’ sites, co-branded event sites, or websites belonging to community partners). Those third-party sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Some of the sites may give you the option of sharing your thoughts, Personal Information, or skiing and snowboarding experiences automatically on their platforms.  If you choose to share information with a third-party site such as Twitter or Facebook, the information you choose to share on those sites is not subject to this Privacy Policy.  You should review the privacy policies of those sites to make an informed decision about whether to share your information.  Further, you should review your account settings on those sites to ensure that you are comfortable sharing your information with the audience chosen in that account.

Epic Mix 

In addition to other purposes outlined in this Policy, Vail Resorts will use information collected through your Epic Mix account to establish, maintain and manage your account.  Depending on the notification options you choose, we may also send you emails, push notifications, or text messages related to your account, such as a summary of your day when you ski or snowboard, or awards or special offers when certain milestones have been achieved.  You may unsubscribe from receiving such messages by managing your account settings.  


Privacy Settings

You can manage the content and information you share when using your Epic Mix account through the privacy settings you select.  The settings allow you to consent to the following:


  • Private: You will be able to view your own statistics on Epic Mix, earn badges and set goals.  Your information will not be visible to other Epic Mix members or to the public.   You will not be visible on leaderboards and your name/email address will not be searchable on Epic Mix. 


  • Share within Epic Mix: Your name (or display name if preferred) will be shown on leaderboards and the number of days, lift rides, and vertical distance you have skied or ridden will be publicly available.  Other Epic Mix members who have been accepted as Friends will be able to see more details about you, including your photo, social media accounts connected to Epic Mix, badges earned, streak (number of days you have skied/ridden in a row), date of becoming a Vail Resorts skier/rider, date last active at Vail Resorts, goals and progress towards goals, and vertical distance by day.  If you permit, Friends will also be able to see daily detail, which includes each scan of your ski pass (location, date and time).


  • Share Socially: Your name (or display name if preferred) will be shown on leaderboards and details about you will be publicly available, including name, photo, display name, social media accounts connected to Epic Mix, position on Leaderboard, vertical skied/ridden, lifts ridden, badges earned, days skied/ridden, streak (number of days you have skied/ridden in a row), date of becoming a Vail Resorts skier/rider, date last active at Vail Resorts, goals and progress towards goals, and vertical by day and other information you share through Epic Mix.  If you permit, daily detail, which includes each scan of your ski pass (location, date and time) will also be publicly available. If you choose to link your Epic Mix account to third party sites, such as Facebook, you can manage what information you want to share with each of these sites automatically, or you can choose what content to share manually.  As described in this Policy, if you choose to share information with a third-party site, the information you share on that site is not subject to this Privacy Policy.  You should review the privacy policies of those sites to make an informed decision about whether to share your information.


Location Information

When you open an Epic Mix account, we will combine your ski/snowboard pass scan data described in this Policy with the information you provide to us through that account.  Location information collected and combined in that manner is subject to this Policy.


To provide the EpicMix Time service, we use information from devices that broadcast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.  EpicMix Time uses those signals anonymously to calculate the line times at participating chair lifts.  We do not connect information broadcast from your device in this manner to Personal Information about you.  If you do not wish for your information to be included the wait time calculation, you can turn off your device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services. 


We use Global-Positioning System (“GPS”) signals broadcast by your mobile device to enable personalized services on EpicMix Maps.  If you use the EpicMix Maps functionality, your phone's GPS Signal will be used to display your location on a map in order to provide you with the customized map functionality.  Your current location is only used to update your location on the map and is not stored by EpicMix. If you do not wish to see your personal location on the map, you can turn off GPS location services on your device at any time.   

For more information about Epic Mix accounts, visit these FAQs.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect Personal Information on our Sites from children under the age of 13 without the prior consent of the child’s parent or guardian.

Children and Epic Mix

Children under age 13 may only open an Epic Mix account with parental consent.  After parental approval is received and verified, the child’s account will be created.  Parents who approve the creation of a child account understand that we will collect the following information about the child: an email account, name, date of birth, gender, state, zip code, country.  We will maintain that information in the Epic Mix account and combine it with information collected offline, such as the child’s chair lift rides at our resorts, information about the child’s ski school experience, pictures taken by Epic Mix photographers, and race times from Epic Mix Racing.  We will only collect information about your child for the purpose of providing the Epic Mix services you have enabled and for providing account features and notifying you and your child of information related to the Epic Mix account.  We will not use the information to market other products or services to your child and will not sell or share the information with others for those purposes.  


Epic Mix profiles created for children under 13 have restricted privacy features and are only viewable by you, your child, and other family members linked to your account.  The child’s information is not visible to other Epic Mix members or to the public, and is not visible on leaderboards or searchable on Epic Mix.  In addition, children under age 13 are not able to link to third party sites, such as Facebook. 


If you believe that a child under age 13 (or other age applicable in a different jurisdiction) has provided Personal Information to us without the consent of a parent or guardian, has created an account of any kind without the consent of a parent or guardian, or if you wish to delete your child's Epic Mix account or revoke consent, please notify us at as soon as possible so their data may be deleted.

Your Choices and Rights

If you agreed to receive communications from us, our Sites give you the option of not receiving future communications by sending an email to or by clicking on the link enabling you to unsubscribe displayed at the bottom on each of our communications. 

If you have a or account, you can manage your information and privacy preferences by logging into your account at or 

If you have an Epic Mix account, you can manage your information and privacy preferences by logging into your account at


You may also access, correct or delete your Personal Information collected by our Site or correct factual inaccuracies. You are also entitled to object, at any time, to the further processing of your Personal Information.  You have the right to receive your Personal Information in a structured and standard format.


You can exercise your abovementioned rights by emailing  If you have a complaint, please send an email describing your complaint to with “Privacy Compliance” in the subject line.  A representative of Vail Resorts will review your complaint and will respond to your email within 30 days.  You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority regarding the processing of your Personal Information.


Notice to California Residents

If you are a California resident, you may have certain additional rights.  California Civil Code Section 1798.83 may permit you to request information regarding the disclosure of your Personal Information by Vail Resorts to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes.  California Business and Professions Code Section 22581 permits registered users who are minors to request and obtain deletion of certain posted content.  For additional information or to make a request, please contact

Data Security and Retention

Vail Resorts has implemented physical, technological, and organizational safeguards and security measures designed to protect against the loss, misuse, or unauthorized access or disclosure of your Personal Information under our control.  We also take measures to protect the Personal Information we disclose to third parties, for example by entering into contractual agreements stipulating the confidentiality of the information and the purposes for which it is to be used.  Please be aware though that, despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.  You can help us by protecting and keeping your passwords safe at all times, and not using the same password for different applications or sites.  You also can protect yourself and help us reduce the risk of fraud  by promptly notifying us if you suspect that your credit card, pass product with Resort Charge, user name, or password is lost, stolen or used without permission.


We will retain your Personal Information for the length of time needed to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy.  Personal Information that is no longer required for those purposes will be destroyed or made irreversibly anonymous.

Changes to the Policy

We may change this Policy from time to time, and will post the revised Policy on our Sites.  The changes will only apply to Personal Information we collect after we have posted the revised Policy.  If we make material changes to the way we collect, use or disclose Personal Information, we will notify you by posting a clear and prominent announcement on our Sites or through a direct communication.  To the extent allowed by applicable law, your continued access to or use of Vail Resorts Sites or Locations following notice of material changes to this Policy shall constitute consent to any amendments and/or modifications. Where required by law we will provide separate notice or seek separate consent for changes to our privacy policy or practices.


International Data Transfers 

Vail Resorts’ headquarters are located in the United States.  Through our affiliates, we operate Locations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  Your Personal Information may be transferred, stored or processed by Vail Resorts entities or third-party service providers located in the United States or other locations around the world as described in this Policy.  Data protection standards in those countries may differ from the country where you reside.

Contact Us 

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or our data security practices, please contact:

The Vail Corporation dba Vail Resorts Management Company
Attn: General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

390 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 1000
Broomfield, CO 80026


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