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Reducing, Reusing & Recycling

Vail Resorts' commitment to the thoughtful use of natural resources and appropriate disposal or reuse of waste materials is thoroughly integrated into the daily operations of each of our resorts.

Quality & Quantity at Vail.
Given its sheer size and number of visitors each year, it's no surprise that Vail Mountain has the largest on-mountain recycling program of all ski resorts in North America. The following statistics represent an idea of the volume that the resort's recycling team handles each year:

  • Vail's current program recycles nearly 70% of on-mountain waste, which equates to approximately one pound per guest
  • On average, Vail recycles 100 tons of material per month during the ski season
  • The amount of cardboard recycled in one season could fill Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver nine feet deep.
  • The amount of co-mingled recycling produced each week is enough to fill three city buses.
  • The resort has reduced universal waste by over 90% using a can puncturing system and bulb eater.
  • Resort departments purchase post-consumer recycled goods including napkins, paper and cups.

Eating Green at Beaver Creek.
Spruce Saddle Lodge is the first ski resort restaurant ever to be named a Certified Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association. The Green Restaurant Association (GRA), a 501(c) 3 non-profit, is a national organization dedicated to creating standards for sustainability within the restaurant industry. Beaver Creek's largest on-mountain venue and a popular location for weddings and meetings, Spruce Saddle has been recognized by the GRA for its energy and water efficiency and conservation, extensive recycling and composting programs, sustainable food and beverage offerings, and use of recycled, tree-free, bodegradable and organic products throughout the Lodge.

Keystone Composting.
In 2002 the resort began a composting pilot project at Keystone Ranch Restaurant, diverting up to 500 pounds of kitchen prep waste per week from the landfill. In summer 2004 the program was expanded to compost kitchen waste from the Keystone Conference Center. The composting efforts at both locations combine vegetable kitchen scraps with wood shavings to create a rich fertilizing soil that is then used in landscaping throughout the resort. The compost program diverts up to three tons of food waste per month from the landfill during our busiest months of operations. In fall 2006, Keystone partnered with the local landfill's fledgling composting program to compost waste from resort kitchens that are unable to compost on-site.

Heavenly Waste Reduction.
Heavenly has partnered with California's El Dorado County for source separation of is resort waste, preventing recyclables from being sent to a landfill, even when mixed with other non-recyclable trash. Through recycling, re-use and other waste reduction efforts, Heavenly diverts approximately 482 tons of waste from landfills each year.

Heavenly also partners with surrounding communities to reduce the quantity of yard waste sent to local landfills. 'Compost Your Combustibles' is an annual event hosted by the resort and coordinated with the local fire department and South Tahoe Refuse. This program encourages locals to bring yard waste to Heavenly for use on the mountain for summer erosion control.

Recycled Skis, Snowboards, Boots and Poles.
Specialty Sports Venture (SSV), the Company's majority owned retail and rental subsidiary, is the first ski and snowboard retailer in the U.S. to offer skiers and snowboarders a free program for recycling their old skis, snowbards, bindings, boots and poles. The program is a joint effort with SnowSports Industries America's "Keep Winter Cool: Snow Sports Recycling Solution" campaign. SSV's four Colorado Ski & Golf and Boulder Ski Deals locations in Colorado's Front Range transports the unwanted equipment to a facility south of Denver where it is shredded and used in a variety of home products such as composite decking, flooring and furniture. Recycling the old equipment cuts energy consumption and reduces landfill waste.

RockResorts and Vail Resorts Hospitality.
From our luxury hotels and resorts, through our independent condominium properties, we support a wide-range of environmental actions focused on enhancing our guest's experience. Highlights of our initiatives include:

  • Recycling programs for beverage and food containers and paper items in food service and guest room operations
  • Recycling or donation of electronics, furniture and other soft goods to local and regional non-profit, community and environmental organizations
  • Use of biodegradable, compostable, and recycled content disposable (take-out) food and beverage containers and flatware
  • Recycled content office supplies, stationery, and guest room and food service paper goods
  • Promoting guest room linen and towel reuse for multi-night stays to reduce water and chemical usage
  • Food and beverage food waste composting programs
  • Phasing out the use of personal sized, one-time use disposables
  • Working with vendors and suppliers to focus on reduced packaging and minimizing transportation impacts
  • Integrating local and regional food and beverage products focused on organic and seasonal cuisine
  • Minimize use of disposables with durable, reusable glasses and coffee cups for guest room services
  • Offering retail items that integrate recycled and renewable materials and feature local or regional artisans and indigenous, cultural, and historical themes
  • Use of environmentally preferable cleaning products that are safer for guests, employees and the environment

Electronic Annual Report
Vail Resorts adopted the new SEC Notice and Access Rule for the Internet availability of proxy materials for its 2007 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. By following the new Notice and Access Rule, Vail Resorts has reduced the number of printed copies of its proxy materials this year by more than 60%, both lowering production costs and reducing the environmental impact of producing and delivering these materials.

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