We want to ensure mental health is destigmatized, and resources are easily accessible, equitable and practical for our team members, their families, and our communities.​

Focus on Prevention​

One in five adults across North America experiences a mental illness and the number of adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression has nearly quadrupled since 2019. Mountain communities are disproportionately impacted by mental health crises. Through Epic Wellness, we focus on providing our employees tools and resources with a core focus on prevention. We do this through an expansive provider network for quality treatment, deep community partnerships, and a comprehensive and compassionate approach to crisis management. 

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Access to Treatment​​

It is not enough to make people aware of mental health resources. We also must ensure they are comfortable obtaining them. All employees, dependents, and household members have access to six no-cost and confidential therapy sessions per year. Professional wellness coaching and mindfulness apps are also available to team members.  During our 2022-23 season, we had over 12% clinical utilization rate.

Partnership Spotlight: Katz Amsterdam Foundation​

The Katz Amsterdam Foundation and Charitable Trust was founded by Rob Katz, Vail Resorts’ Executive Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and his wife Elana Amsterdam, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Elana’s Pantry. The Katz Amsterdam Foundation works with mountain community partners to improve behavioral health systems, increase access to care, and reduce challenges people face to living healthy lives. After listening to and learning about the needs of Vail Resorts mountain community partners for almost three years, the Katz Amsterdam Foundation decided to focus in three key areas including tele-behavioral health to improve access to mental health services, substance use challenges and culture, and behavioral health equity. ​

Our Team of Clinical Mental Health Experts 

Epic Wellness aims to create an environment of wellness, including a culture that helps team members feel comfortable reaching out to one another on their wellbeing, and programming that supports the mental health of our team members, their dependents, and their roommates. Vail Resorts offers free therapy to team members and their households, virtual counseling options and an expansive clinical network, mindfulness app access, professional wellness coaching, and more. 

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Recognized by Mental Health Colorado in 2019, our Epic Wellness program has served as a testament of what it means to be a true leader in changing the mental health narrative and ending stigma in the mountain communities where we operate.​